STERLING ARMAMENTS MK7 "Paratrooper Pistol"


The STERLING ARMAMENTS MK7 "Paratrooper Pistol" was originally designed to provide paratroopers, APC Troops, Non-Combatant Personnel and Tank, Vehicle and Air Crews of a compact, semi-automatic backup weapon at least partially compatibel with the main firearm (the MK7-series submachineguns), in case of an emergency. Seen this operation unsuccessful, the MK7 "Paratrooper Pistol" was launched on the civilian market, after modifying it not to accept anymore the military magazines but only small 15-rounds clips. Please note that this is named MK7 only, since the MK7-A series is capable of full-autofire, while the MK7 pistol is not. It can fit the standard foregrip of the MK7-A series compact submachineguns. --- TECHNICAL SPECS: CALIBER: 9x19mm-Parabellum CAPACITY: 15 rounds OVERALL LENGHT: 38 Centimeters (14,75 Inches) BARREL LENGHT: 108 Millimeters (4,25 Inches) OVERALL WEIGHT: 2,2 Kilograms (5 lbs) RIFLING: 6 grooves, RH