ROMARM Model 96 "UZI"

ROMARM Model 96

The Romarm Model 96 "Uzi" is a weapon offered by one of the former state-owned romanian firarms manufacturing companies, refered into the promotional literature from the company as an "automatic pistol". There is no official designation for this weapon, it is capable of selective fire (single shot and three round burst), firing the .9x19mm-Parabellum round feeding from 30-rounds box magazines, with a total weight of 2'43 Kilograms when loaded, and reportedly has a rate of fire 1,600 feet per second. The weapon has been assembled from stampings to ease production costs, the weapon is equipped with a wrap around bolt which has lead to comparisons with the Israeli UZI (hence the "Uzi" in the name). It is available for export, although it has been initially developed for romanian military domestic use by helicopter and tanker crews. Due to it's ease of construction and availibility of parts the weapon has become popular with said units who appreciate the compact firepower it offers.