Empresa Nacional "Santabarbara" / CETME Model C2

Empresa Nacional

The C2 was originally design by CETME, although on first appearances it would seem to be largely derived from the Sterling L2A3 there are some differences. It has been designed to use 9mm Parabellum and 9mm Largo, one of the differences from the Sterling is an improved grip for an improved balance. Unlike many designs, the C2 is not equipped with a fixed firing pin and the bolt can be held open after the final shot from the magazine. Unlike the Sterling magazines, the C2 utilizes a double stack column magazine to try to avoid any potential jams that may occur. It was available in both .9x19mm-Parabellum export version and 9mmLargo spanish domestic military version, feeding from 32-rounds "banana" box magazines. Its weight was of 2'87 Kilograms when loaded.