KEL-TEC CNC SU-16D "Delta" Personal Security Rifle


--DESCRIPTION-- The KEL-TEC SU-16D "Delta" Personal Security Rifle is a gas operated, semi-automatic rifle in .5'56x45mm-NATO caliber. The barrel and chamber are chrome lined. The SU-16D "Delta" model rifles are intended as a personal weapon for non-infantry military personnel, special operations, SWAT law enforcement, and civilians in high risk environments. The SU-16D "Delta" Personal Security Rifle is especially suited for low intensity urban combat such as ambush response from inside a vehicle. or fighting in confined spaces. The concept of replacing the pistol with a carbine in military units is not new. Nowadays, the intermediate power .5'56mm round and modern polymer materials make it possible to achieve a weapon of a size and weight only marginally larger than a service pistol. The SU-16D "Delta" Personal Security Rifle has a conventional gas piston operation and utilizes the proven M-16 breech locking system. The reciprocating bolt handle also functions as a case deflector. The rear sight is zeroed at 250 m and adjustable for windage. The front sight is of M-16 type. Two integrated Picatinny rails will accept a multitude of standard accessories. Except for barrel, bolt, sights and mechanism the SU-16 is made entirely of high impact, glass fiber reinforced polymer. The "Delta" rifle is available in two models: the SU-16D9 and SU-16D12. Both have the same folding stock as the SU16C and will include a compact forend with a Picatinny accessory rail built in under the barrel. The SU-16D9 is less than 20" folded, weighs 4,7 lbs loaded with 30 rounds and has a practical range of over 300 m. The SU-16D12 has the longer 12 inch barrel for higher velocity and will also be able to accept a standard M-9 bayonet, or more appropriately, oEL-TEC's new KFB lighgtweight folding bayonet ( Both the SU-16D9 and SU-16D12 are NFA regulated by the ATF as "Short Barrel Rifles", and the appropriate license and/or tax stamp must be acquired before purchasing. Suggested retail price for both models is of 840 US$ at this time. --TECHNICAL SPECS-- CALIBER: .5'56x45mm-NATO (.223-Remington) CAPACITY: STANAG magazines (5, 10, 20, 30 rounds and up) WEIGHT UNLOADED: Model D9 = 3,7 Lbs (1,68 Kilograms) / Model D12 = 3,8 Lbs (1.73 Kilograms) WEIGHT LOADED WITH 30 ROUNDS: Model D9 = 4,7 Lbs (2,13 Kilograms) / Model D12 = 4,8 Lbs (2,18 Kilograms) LENGHT OPEN: Model D9 = 29,9 Inches (753 Millimetres) / MODEL D12 = 32,4 Inches (823 Millimetres) LENGHT CLOSED: Model D9 = 19,9 Inches (505 Millimetres) / MODEL D12 = 22,4 Inches (569 Millimetres) BARREL LENGHT: Model D9 = 9,2 Inches (234 Millimetres) / MODEL D12 = 11,7 Inches (297 Millimetres) SIGHT RADIUS: 12,5 Inches (318 Millimetres) MUZZLE VELOCITY (M855/SS109): Model D9 = 2500 Feet Per Second (760 Metres Per Second) / Model D12 = 2650 Feet Per Second (810 Metres Per Second) TRAJECTORY ZERO AT 250 METRES: 100 m / 200m / 300m CO-ORDINATES: +5" +130 mm +4" +100 mm -8" -200 mm SAFETY: Ambidextrous Puch Bolt BARREL RIFLING: 6 Grooves, RH --MANUFACTURER CONTACTS INFO-- KEL-TEC CNC Industries, Inc 1475 Cox Road Cocoa FL 32926 Tel: 321-631-0068 Tel, Products asssistance: 1-800-515-9983 FAX: 321-631-1169 URL: E-Mail: E-Mail, Customer service:

Submitted by: Pierangelo Tendas