DIEMACO "Eagle" 40x46mm-SR LV grenade launcher


The entire following material from: the manufacturer's website The EAGLE Enhanced Ambidextrous Grenade Launcher is wholly designed and developed in Canada to meet all the requirements for a modern battlefield or LE application. The EAGLE features fully ambidextrous controls including a barrel that opens to either side. There is a double action trigger mechanism for increased reliability and safety. The EAGLE can be adapted to any assault rifle or MIL-STD 1913 Rail as well as the stand-alone stock for less lethal and special operations. The EAGLE opens to the left or right side depending on shooters preference enabling the use of all natures of 40 mm LV grenades including HE, Smoke and Less Lethal munitions. • Ambidextrous Controls. Easy to use ambidextrous controls. • Ambidextrous, Side Opening. For easy loading of all natures of 40 mm munitions. • Stand-alone. Can be adapted to most weapons or fired from a stand alone platform. • Double Action. Safe, reliable double action trigger mechanism. FEATURES: 1 - 40 mm LV ambidextrous side opening barrel 2 - MIL-STD-1913 accessory rails 3 - Double Action trigger mechanism 4 - Ambidextrous controls 5 - Versatile mount adapter 6 - Integral pistol grip (2 lengths available) 7 - Fast acquisition sighting system 8 - Stand-Alone adapter with 1913 rail and adjustable buttstock MANUFACTURER: DIEMACO (Colt Canada Corporation) 1036 Wilson Avenue, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2C 1J3 TEL: +1 (519)-893-6840 FAX: +1 (519)-893-3144 URL: http://www.diemaco.com E-MAIL: postmaster@coltcanada.com

Submitted by: P. Tendas