World's First Left-Handed Revolver: Charter Arms Model "Undercover Southpaw"

 World's First Left-Handed Revolver: Charter Arms Model

- 38 Special +P - Left-hand Engineered - 2" Barrel - Standard Hammer - 5-Shot - 12 oz (super-tough 7075 aircraft aluminum alloy one piece solid side plate frame) - Stainless Steel - Price: MSRP $375.00 Charter has engineered the first true, left-handed revolver. The Southpaw is identical to the Undercover Lite but it is completely reverse-configured. The cylinder releases and opens on the right side, to allow efficient reloading for left-handed shooters. This five-shot, .38 Special +P revolver features an all-aluminum one-piece frame, and 3-point cylinder lock up. World's First Left-Handed Revolver DAYTON, OHIO—The innovative minds at Charter Arms have created an ultra-lightweight left-handed revolver for the oft-neglected left-handed shooter. With lefties making up to fifteen percent of the adult population, Charter Arms sees a much-neglected market. “We feel left-handed people deserve the same level of self defense firearm efficiency enjoyed by right-handed shooters,” says Charles Brown of MKS Supply, the exclusive marketer for Charter Arms. "Now, our new state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and advanced designs have moved us into the ultra-quality arena and at prices up to half that of our competition.” How Different? Charter Arms new Undercover Southpaw is a true left-handed revolver. The cylinder release is on the right side and the cylinder opens to the right side so the left-handed shooter’s weaker right hand can do a more efficient and safer reload. Until now, revolver reloading for the left-handed shooter has been awkward at best. Additional Background: The Southpaw required unique engineering and retooling. Coupled with the simple fact that production numbers will not be that of its right-handed sibling (new Undercover Lite, Model Number 53820, MSRP $359.00), Charter was still able to hold the price at a scant $16.00 higher. These novel ultra-compact lightweights (most compact and lightest in the industry) come with an exposed hammer for both single and double-action firing. How revolutionary? We are not aware of any other production left-handed revolvers. Over the years, semi-automatic pistol companies have tried to accommodate lefties by adding ambidextrous features; however, only a couple moved the ejection port to the other side. Many right-handed ejection port semi-autos when fired left-handed can subject the shooter to a face full of ejected gas-powered blowback particles—if not an entire ejected case. Now lefties have a real choice.

Submitted by: Roger Desbois