FOLLOWING TEXT FROM: OFFICIAL FAUSTI WEBSITE DEA ("Goddess") is the name chosen to describe the new and extremely elegant line of side-by-side shotguns designed by Fausti Stefano. Gunmakers at Fausti Stefano started from a robust Anson and Deeley boxlock mechanism of proven reliability and enhanced the grace and personality innate in the most traditional of all sporting shotguns. Dea features well-proportioned fences which flow into the action side profile almost naturally, a stream-lined safety catch and a thin but still "austere" top lever. A small diamond covers the fore-end retaining screw and an elegantly shaped tip frames the fore-end release button. The never-ending attention to cosmetic details continues with jewelled barrel flats, oil-polished stock in select walnut, splinter fore-end, long trigger guard, wooden buttplate or British-style thin, coral-coloured rubber pad, new checkering pattern, English scroll engraving enriched with small leaves, hand-finished and filled with gold. Available in the most traditional calibers: 12-16-20-.410. --TECHNICAL SPECS-- GAUGE: 12-16-20-24-28-36-410 CHAMBERS: 70/76/89 on request BARRELS: 60-63-65-68-71-77 CHOKE: Either fixed or with interchangeable choke tubes RIB: 11x7 mm, 10x6 mm STOCK: English stock in select walnut, oil-polished FOREND: Splinter fore-end in select walnut, oil-polished EXTRACTION: Ejectors or extractors TRIGGER: Double or Single trigger ENGRAVING: Chrome-plated or color case hardened action with standard engraving and oak leaves in gold NOTES: More De Luxe finishing available on request --MANUFACTURER CONTACT INFO-- Fausti Stefano s.r.l. Via Martiri dell'Indipendenza, 70 25050 Marcheno (BS) - Italy TEL: +39-030-89 60 217 / +39-030-89 60 220 / +39-030-86 14 75 FAX: +39-030-86 10 155 URL: http://www.faustistefanoarms.com

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