PEDERSOLI S.292 "An IX" and S.202 "An IX de Cavallerie"


FOLLOWING TEXT FROM: OFFICIAL PEDERSOLI WEBSITE "An IX" The Dragoons, special infantry corps in the 1600s that rode horses, but fought like the Infantry corps, and by the end of the 1700s they had become a regular cavalry force equipped with carbines. They were very similar, for model and caliber to the infantry muskets, but lighter and shorter, with brass furniture to avoid oxidation due to horse’s sweat, the double iron bands to stand the traction of the belt when the gun was shouldered trot riding a horse. These reproduction copies all the original features of the musket. The stock is made of walnut. "An IX de Cavallerie" Reproduction of one of the most representative models equipping the Napoleon troops. It equipped all the cavalry corps (hunters, cavalrymen, grenadiers, lancers, carabineers and dragoons) including the hussars, who however always preferred their 1786 musket, lighter and shorter. With small modification the gun was distributed to some infantry corps and to the navy. The cavalry musket was manufactured until the 1816 in about 225,000 units and several other European countries imitated it to equip their corps, like for instance the Royal Cavalry Carabineers of the Sardinia Reign, 1814. Produced with smooth barrel and oil finished walnut stock, some of the metal furnitures are in brass, like the butt plate, the trigger guard, the side plate and the front band. ---TECHNICAL SPECS--- --S.292 "An IX"-- CALIBER: 17,5mm (.69) CAPACITY: Single-shot, muzzle-loading OPERATION: Flintlock BARREL LENGHT: 1025 millimetres (40 3/8 inches) OVERALL LENGHT: 1415 millimetres (55 11/16 inches) WEIGHT: 4,4 Kilograms (9.7 lbs) --S.202 "An IX de Cavallerie"-- CALIBER: 17,5mm (.69) CAPACITY: Single-shot, muzzle-loading OPERATION: Flintlock BARREL GROOVES: Smoothbore TWIST: 0 mm (1:0 inches) BARREL LENGHT: 760 millimetres (29 15/16 inches) OVERALL LENGHT: 1140 millimetres (44 7/8 inches) WEIGHT: 3,3 Kilograms (7.28 lbs) ---MANUFACTURER CONTACT INFO--- Davide Pedersoli & C. - Muzzleloading and cartridge replica firearms Via Artigiani, 57 25063 Gardone Val Trompia (BS) - Italy Tel.: +39 030 8915000 Fax: +39 030 8911019 URL: OTHER PICTURES (hi-res):

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