COSMI "Automatico" shotgun


FOLLOWING TEXT FROM: OFFICIAL COSMI WEBSITE Genially conceived and carefully realised, Cosmi shotguns are the only shotguns in the world that boast a composition of over 100 mechanic parts with synchronous operation combined with a unique mechanism - everything made in-house. The Cosmi shotguns are semiautomatic shotguns that open up like double-barrel guns. The 8-shell magazine is contained in the stock for a perfectly balanced shotgun. Once you have opened the shotgun, you can insert the cartridges in the magazine. The first shell is introduced in the barrel after unlocking the lever to open the breech bolt. Then, close the breech bolt and cock the hammer on the left-hand side of the gun. Release the safety catch: now the shotgun is ready to shoot. After shooting the last shell, a hold-open device intercepts the breech and keeps it open. You can insert a cartridge in the chamber directly and close the breech bolt with the release button located on the left-hand side of the receiver. Stocks and forehands are made of Caucasian walnut root wood. First, they are machined and rough-shaped and then finished by hand according to the customer's specifications: length, drop, cast-off, and shape. Fine knurling on grip and forehand has exact longitudinal notches. The stock is finished with French polishing. Barrels are forged with Boelher-Antinit steel according to traditional drilling methods. The eye-barrel assembly is obtained from a single piece, not welded. Barrels are produced with chipping technique: thanks to the high elasticity of steel this method allows for continuos work and accurate verification. Different measures, lengths and chokes can be obtained - with or without rib - according to the taste and needs of each customer. The elegant line of the shotgun is ensured by the location of the magazine in the stock. Apart from improving aesthetics, this results in perfect balance, regardless of the presence of cartridges in the gun. The two parts of the receiver are joined with a safety latch. The safety catch is actuated by means of a sliding button like in double-barrel guns. The diameter of the spring turns is considerably lower, since the spring does not need to be coaxial to the tube that contains the shells. The result is an extremely elegant forehand. The spring is assisted by a powerful elastic element that absorbs recoil and avoids whiplash. The breech block assembly that slides on guides located inside the receiver comprises two extractors with pins and springs, the firing pin block, the opening lever and the hand lever with spring and screw. Cosmi shotguns are entirely produced with the best materials available on the market. All mechanic parts are obtained from solid blocks with turning technique. Barrels are made of Boehler-Antinit steel. Internal parts (including the receiver) are all made of special nickel-chrome steel. Hardened and tempered Boehler steel is used for the receiver. Caucasian walnut root wood is used for stocks. Cosmi semiautomatic shotguns are available in three gauges (12, 16, 20) and three versions (steel, light alloy and titanium) to satisfy any weight requirements. ---MANUFACTURER CONTACT INFO--- Cosmi Americo e Figlio S.N.C. Via Flaminia 307 60020 - Ancona (AN) - Italy TEL: +39/071/888208 FAX: +39/071/887008 URL:

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