ADC Model "Double Tap Turbo Jet"

ADC Model

ADC (Armi Dallera Custom) is an individual enterprise owned by Roberto Dallera, experienced Italian gunsmith longtime active in the field of custom firearms for defense and competition; most of his product line is composed of 1911-based pistols; he has recently started a line of custom-prepared AR15-based carbines and McMillan-based rifles for competitive sports shooters. The DALLERA products are currently regarded as the best custom 1911-based products in Europe, and between the best worldwide. The "Double Tap Turbo Jet" is the latest DALLERA creation for competition shooting. Based upon a custom-built slide and a modular STI/P.O. frame, employs a compensated, lightweight Schuemann 5"-1/4 barrel with a totally in-house engineered and built compensator. The extremely high-capacity padded magazine and the fine trigger group provide the shooter with superior firepower on the line; sights are provided by C-MORE SYSTEMS, and mounted through an in-house built interface system. ---TECHNICAL SPECS--- CALIBER: .38 - Super Auto, 9mm (9x19mm Luger/Parabellum/NATO, 9x21mm-IMI) CAPACITY: 19 rounds OPERATION: Semi-automatic, recoil-operated TRIGGER: Single-action only TOTAL LENGHT: 269 mm (10.59") BARREL LENGHT: 177 mm (5.1/4 inches) OTHER FEATURES/SPECIFICATIONS UNDER CUSTOMER'S PREFERENCES ---MANUFACTURER CONTACT INFO--- ADC - Armi Dallera Custom Srl St. Michelangelo 64 25063 Gardone Val Trompia (BS) - Italy TEL./FAX: +39-0308911562 URL: OTHER PICTURES (hi-res):

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