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Jason Bache 05-03-2006 03:02 PM

Four foot ramp
The ramp finally was skated by peeps other than the creater.
Today I was driving home and saw some skaters in the ditch by davis mothon. I stopped skated in the ditch for a while then proceeded to introduce myself and ask if they were interested in checkin out my ramp.
I told them that I had a ramp in my back yard that was sixteen feet wide and forty feet long. The guys were excited and stated "let's check it out".
We went to the house and proceeded. They were good skaters and were able to do smith grinds(grinding the back trucks with the front of the deck below the coping) and axel grinds(grinding both the trucks on the coping) dropping in(placing the board on the edge of the ramp and then tipping in to the ramp) and rolling in,(rolling on top of the landing at each end of the ramp ends and just skating to the edge and dropping in) which i haven't done. They were friendly and well mannered, unlike most think of skaters these days. I learned some tricks that they were encouraging me to do. They wanted me to try and "catch some air". They just simply told me to grab the board front side(between the toes) before the transition and pull. The board flew up and out from the ramp! I caught my first air thanks guys! J

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