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Armorer 08-19-2007 07:58 AM

Damn Yankee's char
Player: Damn Yankee

Name: Bruce S.
Nick Name: Yankee (Shep)
Age: 31
Lvl: 1
Sign: Cancer
Class: Veteran
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Physical Description:
Standing at 5'10", shaved head and brown eyes-- weighs in around 160/medium athletic build.

Description subset (Distinguishing features): Nothing out of the ordinary. Very dark brown eyes, almost black giving him somewhat of an intimidating gaze.

Current (at game start) attire: Army Issue ACUs and Boots, Chi com SKS chest harness bandolier. Army "Interceptor"issue body armor, minus chest and back ballistic plates. Oakley sunglasses, Nomex tactical/fighting gloves

Vehicle: 2005 Ford Taurus, roughly 20 miles per gallon.

Personality: Very sarcastic yet positive outlook on life. Considered by most a humanitarian. Extremely patriotic. Somewhat short tempered, but loyal and generous. Will fight to the end for the people and beliefs he holds dear. Prefers a stand up (rock and roll) fight rather than stealth. Has numerous contacts in all branches of the military including Spec Ops, and is rumored to have contacts in the private sector and para military movements. Considered a founding member of the mythical "Neo sparta".

Background: Raised in the Northern Ohio Countryside. Farmilier with most small arms. Attended Infantry school at fort Benning Ga. Trained in hand to hand combat and Urban Ops. Schooled in Military history and tactics. Amatuer historian with a great fondness of the cold war era. Before the plague spent his free time refining his skills, writing splatter novels and is even a published poet (yes I said Hobbies include, bodybuilding, collecting Svoiet era firearms, arguing with liberals on the internet, and entertaining the thought of a world wide zombie outbreak.

Equipment: (on person)
-Yugoslavian SKS/100 rounds of 7.62x39 ammo on person
-Bulgarian Makarov/Unkle Mike's hip holster/2 mags/50 rds of 9x18 on person
-Tangfolio GT-25 .25 acp/Unkle Mike's shoulder holster/1 mag/50 rds of ammo on person
-K Bar
-Telescopic Baton
-Motorolla cell phone
-2 Military issue canteens
-8 power bars for nourishment on the run
-1 folding utility/pocket knife
-Gerber multitool
-mag light
-4 oz Can of Mace brand pepperfoam

Kit: (Equip on hand)

-10 MREs
-Mossberg 500/100 rds of ammo
-Spanish Cetme, 2 20 rd mags 1 5 rd mag--100 rds of ammo
-Mosin Nagant Sporter M-44/200 rds of ammo
-Walther P-22/2 mags/500 rds of ammo
-Cobra .22 derringer
-Army issue cold weather gear
-2 man half shelter
-sleeping bag
-Army issue knee and elbow pads and helmet
-M 16 A-2 with mounted 203 (no grenades) 120 rds of 5.56 ammo

Special Skill/Ability: Marksmanship -- effective up to 300 meters with iron sights.

General Skills:

-amatuer gunsmith
-hand to hand combat
-infantry/squad tactics

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