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PT-The Italian Commie 11-16-2009 11:38 AM

WTB (desperate!): Airsoft VEKTOR CP1.
Hello, guys...

As you might know, between other things, I have always professed myself as an Airsoft collector. I still am, especially now that my magazine is thinking about opening an Airsoft section of which I should be put in charge of.

One piece that I have DESPERATELY been trying to add to my collection for YEARS is the "B.B. World" airsoft replica of the VEKTOR CP-1 pistol. It's something that looks like THIS:

If you or somebody you know are/is in possession of said replica and willing to sell, or if you know of some place where it can be purchased, please, PLEASE contact me by Private Message or by E-Mail. I am willing to pay a reasonable price, in advance and with shipment at my expenses, to procure it.
Oh, and please, don't tell me that a Vektor CP1 "Battlestar Galactica prop" is on sale on E-Bay. I know. But for the equivalent of the price they are asking for a non-working rubber prop (499,95 US$), I can buy a REAL Vektor CP1 and a box of ammunition (thing that I am -NOT- going to do anyway until I have got a Caracal on my hands). I am looking for a replica to add to my Airsoft collection, not a paperweight prop.

THNX for anything you may do!

PT-The Italian Commie 02-10-2010 01:47 AM

Problem solved!
Thanks to a gentle US serviceman in Korea (whom has asked to remain anonymous, yet... GO U.S.A.!), I have now TWO of them displayed in my collection! :MDR97:

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