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Dolphin_Shooter 06-22-2010 09:11 PM

So anyone up for a Group Hunt?
Looks like it's finally fo time in Arizona.



(translated from Spanish. This is from El Financiero in Mexico)
Intrigue armed attacks against illegal immigrants in southern Arizona
Mundo Hispano - Sunday 20 June (18:30 hrs)

* In these incidents, about 12 immigrants were injured by bullets and at least three have died
* The authorities said investigators still have no clues to the attackers

The online Financial

Phoenix, June 20 .- suspected illegal immigrants and drug traffickers are being attacked and killed by strangers in the desert areas of southern Arizona, in a series of incidents that remain intrigued to authorities.

The Sheriff's Department Santa Cruz County, on the border with Mexico, has registered more than 50 attacks since April 2008 to date.

In these incidents, about 12 immigrants were injured by bullets and at least three have died.

The attackers were described as men armed with automatic rifles who wear camouflage clothes and are waiting to ambush immigrants on the U.S. side of the border.

Farther north in Pinal County between Tucson and Phoenix, there have been another series of armed incidents against undocumented or suspected traffickers.

On 11 June, two Mexicans, who had presumed drug authorities on their backs, were shot dead in an area of Pinal County, about 130 kilometers from the border with Mexico.

Further south, the same day, a group of five illegal immigrants were ambushed by two men wearing camouflage clothing near the community of Rio Rico, between Nogales and Tucson.

One of the undocumented, identified as Manuel Esquer Gomez, 45, was shot in the arm while running to escape the fire along with the rest of his teammates.

The immigrants managed to get to a road for help. In reporting the incident to the authorities, immigrants reported seeing two bodies as they ran for safety.

Agents from the Sheriff's Office went to the scene and found the body of a person of Mexican nationality and whose cause of death has not yet been clarified.

The sheriff of the county of Santa Cruz, Antonio Estrada, said investigators still have no clues to the attackers.

"It's disturbing to hear of people with high powered rifles and camouflage clothing. Wake up some red flags, "said the sheriff.

Speaking this week at the television station KVOA in Tucson, Estrada said he did not want to speculate, but pointed out that in the investigations "will not dismiss any possibility, including that the attackers are U.S. citizens.

"There may be individuals who might be hunting illegally. That is indeed a great concern for us, "he warned.

The attacks differ from other incidents of violence at the border because the victims were not demand anything and are not stolen. Those affected are attacked by surprise when they walk and those who do not shoot your face and try to hide.

Last November, a hunter found the body of an illegal immigrant who was shot to death in Santa Cruz County, a week after that in the same area other migrant asked for help in a house and reported having been injured by a sniper.

The incidents are similar to several recorded during the past 18 months, in which victims are injured and killed in shoulders, arms or legs. (With information from Notimex / JOT)

D Yankee (The Zionist) 06-23-2010 07:05 PM

Re: So anyone up for a Group Hunt?
Just my two cents, but I don't think this is the work of vigilantes. It seems more like rival cartels fighting over territory.

PT-The Italian Commie 06-24-2010 02:48 AM

Different organizations engaged in illegal aliens smuggling just shooting on whatever "merchandise" isn't theirs...

Besides, I don't think these poor Campesinhos deserve getting shot that way... most of them are just looking for a better way to get a living...


D Yankee (The Zionist) 06-24-2010 02:09 PM

Re: So anyone up for a Group Hunt?
Yeah but there has been drugs, or at least a suspected drug involvement in every case. I also don't think guys are going to sit on the border armed, and wait to ambush people at random. This is planned attacks on rival drug gangs.

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