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PT-The Italian Commie 11-04-2011 06:38 AM

Indian inventive...
As some of you might know, despite having their right to keep and bear arms granted by Constitution, the people of India suffers from very strict “anti-insurrection/anti-terrorism/anti-disturbance” gun-control regulations that longtime halted all import of foreign-made firearms for civilian sales, leading to a State monopoly in that sector (the only new-manufacture firearms that Indian civilians can access are made by the Indian State Ordnance Factories); choice is between two .32-S&W Long Webley&Scott-type revolvers (long-barrel and “pocket”), a .22-Lr revolver, a .32-Acp Browning 1910 clone pistol, a double-barrel 12-gauge shotgun, a .22 bolt-action carbine, an Enfield-style bolt-action .315 rifle, and a more modern .30-06 bolt-action rifle. A local Browning High-Power clone in 9x19mm and a 12-gauge pump-action Winchester 1200 “Defender” copy were briefly marketed, but soon banned due to the pump-action shotgun being in service with the Police, and the Browning HP being both in service with the Police and Armed Forces and being chambered in a “military caliber”.

As you might also assume, there is little chance that an Indian civilian may get a license for a semi-automatic long arm. So some gunsmiths came out with an idea to “militarize” the bolt-action .315 and .30-06 rifles.
Wonder if this stock also fits the cheapo .303-British SMLE rifles that the Italian Navy has received immediately after World War 2 and that's now giving away through gun shops...

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