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PT-The Italian Commie 10-27-2006 11:29 AM

Remember the DROZD?
Not exactly a paintball (an Airgun, actually), but whatever...

If you remember, some time ago in the old board we have had some talk about the Baikal DROZD ("Bumblebee"), a Russian-made CO2-operated airgun that shot .177 (.4,5mm) metal pellets and had a high capacity magazine, a submachinegun-lookalike, and was capable of shooting in full-automatic. Just a little bit more than an airsoft, obviously, and there must also be something in the archives; if I am not wrong, the latest news (and, again, it's about some time ago in the old board, so don't take this as the revealed truth unless you can provide confirmation) were of the ATF stopping the import of this item.

Well, it would be too bad. Because BAIKAL - IZHEVSKY MECHANICHESKY ZAVOD, Jsc has now launched the MP-661K "DROZD" ("Blackbird") AUTOMATIC PISTOL, basically the same good old DROZD but with an even leaner, meaner look, improved range and accuracy, higher optionals compatibility, battery operation, and a VERY high capacity (400 pellets!). Havalook, it's probably the wonder pest-control weapon you were looking for!

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