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Roger 04-29-2006 12:26 PM

Prowler RTV (Rugged Terrain Vehicle)
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The Prowler RTV (Rugged Terrain Vehicle) is manufactured by ATV Corp. (All Terrain Vehicle Corporation),
a subsidiary of Phoenix International Systems, Inc. (Orange, California).

All Terrain Vehicle Corporation
812 W. Southern Avenue
Orange, CA 92865
Tel: +1 800 203 4800
Fax: +1 714 283 1169

The agile Prowler RTV (Rugged Terrain Vehicle) delivers more speed, power, stability and operator protection than any ATV-type vehicle made. No other vehicle in its class even approaches Prowler capability.

Prowler RTVs (Rugged Terrain Vehicles) are purpose built to provide the military with superior light tactical mobility platforms for use in non-traditional combat, reconnaissance and logistic support. Prowler Light Tactical Vehicles are designed to fill the military?s critical need for a platform that is easily deployed, rugged, reliable, multi-mission configurable and able to perform in any terrain or climate. Prowler platforms overcome the serious limitations of commercial recreational vehicles (generic ?ATVs,? including those modified for military use) in terms of vehicle reliability, stability, rugged endurance, agility and operator safety.
And, the Prowler fits within the same general dimensional envelope as that of a generic ATV. This is a major factor when considering their deployment by aircraft such as the CH-46/47/53/60 series helos and the CV-22.
The Prowler has been field tested and received enthusiastic endorsement by the military for its outstanding performance capabilities and, in particular, its operator protection.
In addition to its classic mission, this versatile platform is being used in both autonomous and remotely controlled unmanned applications. The Prowler is manufactured by All Terrain Vehicle Corporation, a subsidiary of Phoenix International Systems, Inc. (Orange, CA), an ISO 9001:2000 Certified SDVOSB that has been supplying state of the art COTS products in support of military operations since 1993.
At present, the Prowler product line is not available for sale to non-military users in the U.S. This may change in the future.

Prowler hallmark all-terrain performance - exceptional stability, endurance, speed, power, reliability and versatility - is based upon the Prowler's:
- Powerful 660cc four-stroke liquid-cooled engine
- Fully automatic all-wheel drive
- Front and rear independent double-wishbone suspension
- Sealed steel-frame construction with chrome-moly roll cage and cargo racks
- EMT run-flat tires and double-reinforced wheels
- Low center of gravity and ample ground clearance
- Dual hydraulic-disc front brakes and shaft-mounted hydraulic-disk rear brakes, with full engine braking on each of all four drive-wheels
- Speed of up to 63mph (4WD, hi-range)
- Payload capacity of 1,000lb plus, with 1:1 payload to weight ratio
- 2,250lb to 2,350lb towing capacity (terrain dependent)
- 3,000lb remote-control winch

Video here:
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TJ 04-29-2006 12:35 PM

And for $40,000 and good connections you can have one too.
Great stuff Roger. Another one for the new archives.

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