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Originally Posted by Jabroni
Ok the F-19 was a Cold War cover up for the F-117 Nighthawk

No, it wasn't, it was skipped because Northrop asked for it to be, so they could get "F-20" for the super-F-5.

A gap in the designation sequence caused a bunch of people to theorize it was a black program, it was not, and never has been.

The whole F-19 thing is the result of over-active imaginations.

But i do believe the Aurora exists since i heard people claiming to see it or somthing with that description

Okay, that photo is fake. It was an 'artists conception' of what some guy said he saw.

Okay... That photo shows... what? Notice those hangars in the background? They aren't all that big, and this object is in front of them. Whatever that object is can't be very large, nowhere near large enough to be a hypersonic recon aircraft.

Sorry to cash a reality cheque.
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