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Default Funny M16 related story

So, he's a Marine MP for those that dont know. Apparently during Rifle training a female recruit loads her rifle and commences to fire on command. the bolt and carrier BLAST out of the buttstock and hurt her shoulder pretty bad. The chain of command goes apeshit over this. Turns out, she never installed, OR she removed the buffer from her rifle at SOME unknown point. My son, knowing the strict supervisory instruction recruits have, cant understand how, after inspection, this went un-noticed.
Well, a fellow MP buddy of my Sons, "Ski", finds the Buffer. It was in her pillowcase on her bunk. Ski shows it to everyone, turns it over to a Supervisor, he shows it around, everyone has had their hands on it.
The female recruit admits later to have been using it for a Dildo!!!!!!!!!!

GAHHHHHHHH!!!! Thats gotta be the funniest shit EVARRRRRRRRRR!!!
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