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Default Walk-up drive-thru window. HONEST TO GOD PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.

Not only that, but this happened to me (me, Mk23, no copy&paste happening here) just an hour prior to the typing of this post.

I was walking a few miles past midnight. I tend to walk late, since there are barely any cars at all after 10PM here in El Paso, but this time I was walking later than usual.

There's a few fast food restaurants on the road that I walk past, some of them are open 24 hours. I was a little hungry so I walked up to a Taco Bell, but the sign said their dining room was closed, so I walked up to the speaker box at the drive thru, and got the usual 'welcome to Taco Bell, may I take your order?' greeting.

I ordered something, and walked over to the window, where upon seeing me, the kid working the window got this really ridiculous 'O_O OMGWTF?!!!' look on his face. He kinda froze there a moment before telling me their policy was to only serve people actually in a motorized vehicle.

I wasn't starving or anything so I just walked back to my apartment, where a friend of mine was still on instant messenger. He used to work at a Taco Bell himself so I IM'ed him and asked if that was really their policy.

He told me that their exact policy was to only serve people in motorized vehicles capable of setting off the magnetic buzzer that alerted them of someone approaching the speaker box.

Let me clarify that. There is a MAGNETIC buzzer that tells them a car is at the speaker box.

I naturally proceeded to inform him: 'Wait a minute, when I walked up to the speaker box, I got the 'may I take your order' greeting.'

His reply: '....Exactly how many guns were you carrying?'

Honest to god true story.
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