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Default Re: So.... has anyone's 'zombie kit' changed over the past few years?

I'd say my kit has become much more decentralized and based around my real collection... lots of which has actually followed my original list, rather uncoincidentally.

The list of items in my every-day-carry kit. Whenever anything's not on my person, it's in the bug out bag.

Victorinox Swisstool.

Extrema Ratio Nemesis folding knife.

HK USP Tactical .45 w/ Insight UTL, and at least one spare magazine. Loaded with Black Hills 230gr +P JHPs.

Key ring on a Maxpedition Keyper. Also has a USB thumb drive.

Fenix TA-30 flashlight in a Maxpedition Universal Flashlight belt pouch

Probably a fairly recent smartphone, such as the then-current version of a Nokia N900 at the time of undead events unfolding. In a Maxpedition phone pouch.

Maxpedition RAT belt wallet containing:
However much cash I have at the time.
Garage door opener for some safehouse locations.
Folding torx key tool which can work on allen screws in a pinch.
Victorinox swisscard

Maxpedition urban wallet containing:
Debit/credit cards, insurance card, etc.
A single $100 bill
Tool Logic Companion
Tool Logic SVC2 Survival Card

Gun belt with hidden internal zippered compartment containing:
A single $100 bill
Double-sided universal handcuff key.

5.11 wristwatch with ballistic calculator and compass functions

Windmill Trekker stormproof lighter

Dog tags with sharpened edges underneath the rubber covering

ESS ICE Eyeshield, typically with the sunglass eyeshield attached. Has an earphone for the smartphone pratically permanently attached. The eyepiece display is usually left in the bug-out-bag.

Typical altoids-tin survival kit

Side-zip boots with composite armor toe, heel and sole. Marketed as being 'mine resistant'. I kinda doubt that part, but they are nice boots nonetheless.

BDS Tactical Enhanced Tactical Mission Arm Band. Wow, that's a mouthful. It's really just a fancy wrist-wallet thing. Contains:
Various licenses and photo IDs (concealed carry, driver's, motorcycle, etc.)
Maps from various relevant areas. Occasionally has my shopping list for the grocery store in there too
A single $100 bill
Black SOG Access Card 2.0

Ankle wallet, on right ankle containing
USB external hard drive
A single $100 bill

Ankle holster, w/ Ruger LCP along the inside of left ankle, with two magazines on the outside. (edited to add this one. Completely forgot I had it until I found it going through all my gear.)

Hatch Defender 2 sap gloves. Typically only worn when driving or motorcycling.

Sap hat, with TangoDown helmetlight clip and Surefire HL1-B-TN helmetlight. Occasionally worn, but usually just in the bug-out-bag.

Spec-Ops Recon Wrap. Typically only worn during wintertime.

More to follow

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