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Default Re: So.... has anyone's 'zombie kit' changed over the past few years?

In the bug-out-bag, in addition to whatever items in the EDC list that I'm not actually carrying.

Maxpedition travel wallet containing:
Passport, and other important identifying cards and such
Another USB external drive
Notepad with contact information, and other important notes, as well as assorted business cards
Pen-style highlighter
Schrade tactical pen
4 $100 bills and 5 $20 bills with a CRKT K.I.S.S. Two-Timer being used as a money clip
Spyderco Police 3
Stainless SOG Access Card 2.0
Boker Plus Credit Card Knife

A week's worth of Mainstay ration bars.

A full Katadyn water purifier bottle.

Spare filter kit for the Katadyn purifier bottle.

A full Camelbak nalgene bottle.

A full Blackhawk Hydrastorm nalgene bottle.

A tube of Camelbak elixir tablets.

Typical small first aid kit.

6 USP .45 magazines (minus however many I'm carrying).

4 pens (2 inkpen knives, one lockwrite handcuff key pen, and one surefire tactical pen)

Ka-Bar hobo knife

Dark Ops Interceptor E&E Knife

Squeeze-charge flashlight

Cheap, pre-paid cell phone and charger

Laptop computer and charger

USB external hard drive

Universal power outlet adapter

Solar panel laptop and phone charger

Peltor noise canceling headset with assorted adapters to plug into phones and computers, etc.

3 PowerPax CR123 Battery Caddies for a total of 12 spare CR123s

3 PowerPax AA Battery Caddies for a total of 12 AAs

Canemasters walking cane

And all of this fits in a 5.11 3-in-1 patrol bag, except the canemasters cane, which is secured by velcro loops near the carrying handles.

Still more to follow. Yes, I'm incredibly bored.

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