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Default Re: So.... has anyone's 'zombie kit' changed over the past few years?

There are two main vehicles immediately at my disposal. A Suzuki V-Strom 1000, and the same Cadillac Escalade as before.

The V-Strom is typically locked inside a U-haul style trailer in the warehouse of the office, near the loading dock. A ramp at the loading dock allows roll-on and roll-off, but more details on the officeplace in another post.

The Escalade is normally at the residence, but rarely used.

The V-Strom is equipped with a skid plate and crash guards, along with saddlebags and a trunk/rack for securing the bug out bag to the vehicle.

Inside the left-side saddlebag is:

Kel-Tec Sub-2000 in 9mm w/ Glock 17 magazine grip.
Kel-Tec OEM quad rail forend.
Kel-Tec OEM stock extension.
Kel-Tec OEM stock magazine holder.
Kel-Tec OEM sling swivel and sling.
Tasco Pronghorn 4x scope attached to the right side rail using Daniel Defense 1 O'clock offset mounts. The scope is long enough to reach back for the proper eye relief, and is offset enough that it still folds. Transition from irons, to 4x magnification by just tilting the rifle to the left.
Surefire 6P light with red flip-out filter, attached to another Daniel Defense offset rail on the right side.
2 Glock 17 magazine foregrips under the centerline rail.

Kept loaded with a 17 round magazine, extra 17 round magazine in the magazine holder, and the two fully loaded foregrips, for a total of 68 rounds of Speer Gold Dot 147gr.

also in the left side saddlebag:

Tactical Tailor Lunar Concealed Carry Pouch, attached to a Tactical Tailor Mini Drop Leg panel. Containing:
Beretta PX4 Storm Model F in .40 S&W w/ Streamlight TLR-2, loaded with DoubleTap 180gr bonded JHP rounds.
1 extra 17 round magazine for the PX4 Storm
Custom double shoulder holster with one holster and one magazine pouch on each side. Fusion 10mm Bobtail Commander in the left side holster, East German Makarov pistol on the right side holster.
10mm loaded with DoubleTap 180gr bonded JHP rounds, and Makarov loaded with Silver Bear 94gr JHP.

Right side saddlebag only contains extra fuel canisters.

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