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Default Re: So.... has anyone's 'zombie kit' changed over the past few years?

The Escalade isn't as extensively equipped in its... let's say 'normal configuration'. Although all the tools and parts to do those anti-zombie modifications are at the workplace. The vehicle is the hybrid version, not just for fuel mileage, but because electric-only mode is very very quiet and stealthy. Solar battery charger on the top of the dash, and a power inverter to standard AC sockets that fits in the cup holder.

The center console storage contains a more extensive first aid kit than in the bug out bag. Other than that, it's just kept with enough room for me to take my USP45 and holster off my belt and store it in the console for comfort while driving.

In the glove compartment is a Ruger SP101 .327 Federal loaded with Speer Gold Dot 115gr rounds, and a set of modified ESS Ice eyeshield glasses. In this case, equipped with noise cancelling earphones and throat microphone, and a flip-over eyepiece connected to a digital night vision device, with the night vision camera installed over the opposite side of the frame.

In the back of the Escalade is a TSA approved gun case containing:

Robinson Armament XCR with
Magpul UBR stock
Magpul MIAD grip
Smith Enterprise Vortex brake
Midwest Industries BUIS
Prototype 1-6x variable tactical scope w/ integral quick release mount (edited. Turns out the design is a 1-6, not a 1-5 like I thought before. Scary thing is that I'm in charge of this project IRL. Ooooops...)
FAB defense magazine holder foregrip
Surefire 9P flashlight with incandescent lamp and flip-out infrared filter mounted on the left side rail.
Prototype 20mW green, red and IR laser device
Night vision capable tactical camera mounted to the right side rail, connected to another pair of ESS Ice eyeshield glasses, w/ flip-over eyepiece. Grants land-warrior like capability to look around corners with the weapon.
BDS Tactical CQB single point bungee sling, same type as on the Mossberg 500

Chiappa Rhino 6" .357 Magnum revolver with
Miniaturized holographic gunsight
Prototype carbine LAM w/ 180 lumen LED light and 20mW green, red, and IR laser
Custom leather shoulder holster for revolver

Four 30rd Magpul P-mags w/ rangerplate. Two loaded w/ SS109 rounds, two loaded w/ 60gr V-Max rounds. Green colored electrical tape wrapped around the magazine just above the baseplate for SS109, red colored for the V-Max.

Three 20rd boxes of Speer Gold Dot .357 Magnum 158gr.

Space left for the USP45 and 4 magazine pouches to store USP magazines.

There's also a suitcase in the back of the Escalade. That's for the next post.

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