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Default Okay, then...

Here I am updating my kit according to the evolution of technology in the past years. Notice that not much has changed, though...
Name: PT
Nickname: That's the "nick". Entire first name and surname are just too stupid to mention. And by the way, once the shit hits the fan, that doesn't matters that much, isn't that?
Age: 28
Lvl: 1
Region: Sardinia, southern Europe
Class: Privateer

-Physical Description:
White male, 1 Mt/60 Cms tall (around 5'4" if I wasn't wrong in the math), short dark brown hair and brown eyes. Clean shaven and tries to keep his hair as short as possible for hygienic reasons. At first sight thin, he is actually strong and energic, with great stamina, capable of sustaining physical fatigue for a long amount of time. Able to run quickly over medium distances for several minutes (not that he's able to do the NY marathon, but if it's about putting enough distance between himself and a hord of hungry Zs, well...). Again, although short and thin, he is perfectly able to hold on the recoil of most firearms (anything under .50-BMG *GM note-- up to heavy recoil). He has a sight problem (myopia) which requires him to use optics on long arms, especially when shooting in the dark (no problems with handguns).

Current (at game start) attire:
- Light-frame glasses with magnetes for quick-attach/detach of sun lenses.
- Crispi "SWAT" boots
- Standard "Uniforme di Servizio e Combattimento Desertica" (Full Desert-Tan Service/Combat suit of the Italian Army; new pixelated camo pattern) complete with full MercWorx MW tactical gilet in "Coyote Tan" camo.
- No-Limits Extreme-tech full body armour (semi-rigid armour for bikers... very effective against accidents... and against zombie bites!) - no ballistic protection (a bulletproof vest equals to additional weight, furthermore it would be highly unlikely to be usable in said situation)
- Woolrich Elite/TangoDown LLC "EOTAC Operator Hat" cap
- Mechanix Wear "Impact-3" protective/tactical gloves with carbon-fiber reinforced shell (made in Italy, launched at the 2009 EXA expo)

Vehicle: OPEL Campo, 2001 3.1TD DK 4x4 Pick up with hard cover. Diesel engine with additional GPL system.
Avg mileage: around 100 Kilometers with 7,1 litres of fuel (around 62 miles with 1.87 gallons)

Shy and introvert at first, becomes the more and more sympathetic and open once a bond deepens. Nonetheless, he has lost all he had in his "former" life since he has had no religious faith, instead firmly rational.

Background: In his mid 20s, recently got a University degree. His University degree in Communications and Journalism has however led him to develop further inter-personal/public relationship skills.
A cinema lover, he has spent his youth developing a deep personal philosophy. Through his journalistic work, he has especially taken interest in disaster response and emergency preparedness procedures in terms of biological, chemical and nuclear emergencies.
His passion for firearms, which has turned into career as a firearms journalist; has accordingly developed a general knowledge and above average marksman's skills despite being rejected from the Military draft due to a sight defect. has however developed good skills in firearms.
Hired by a gun magazine in the late years of his University, he has witnessed the outbreak of Zombie epidemic in Italy by using the magazine and its website to advise civilians and Police/Military personnel about what to do to face the situation. Until the last moment before the collapse of the Italian Internet, he received the "call."

Equipment (on person):
- Zippo lighter
- Standard Bic lighter
- "UZI Tactical Pen" (rechargeable ballpoint pen, aluminium-made, with sharpened extremity for close-quarters self-defense) w/h recharges
- Fox "Spartan" fixed-blade tactical knife-bayonet, with holster
- AMADINI Model "Ghost-III" tactical holster (right hip) W/ CARACAL INTERNATIONAL LLC Model "Caracal C", 9 m/m, quick-sights model18-rds magazines (standard "CARACAL F" magazines used through magazine base pad); originally the pistol chambers the .9x21mm-IMI ammunition, yet the character has conversion kit (barrel and magazines) for .9x19mm (9 m/m Luger) ammunition
- Midland G9 tactical radio W/ MSA "Sordin" headset
- Kel-Tec CNC industries RFB semi-automatic rifle, 7'62x51mm-NATO, 20-rds FNB FAL metric magazine + Bushnell "Laser Yardage Pro" 4-12x42mm riflescope with integrated laser rangefinder and AAC - Advanced Armaments Corp. 7'62SD silencer.
- 5 18-rds magazine for pistol, 6 20-rds magazines for rifle on tactical gilet
- Blackhawk Hydra-Storm hydration pack, 2 litres of water with saline solution
- Avon EH-20 quick-deployment NBC "Headbag" with breathing protection (gas mask)
- SureFire "KL-7" led micro-flashlight
- Leatherman "Charge" multi-tool
- Raytheon Corporation ruggedized/militarized iPhone
- Eumar International D-TAG (made in Italy - 8Gb micro-USB key w/h Java program, can memorize the user's personal, biometric and medical data)

Vehicle kit:
- Smith&Wesson Model 64-3 revolver (.38-Special, 6 rounds in revolving cylinder)
- Remington ACR select-fire assault rifle (.5'56x45mm-NATO and 6'8x43mm-SPC, MagPul P-MAG 30-rds mags, interchangeable 14,5-inches BBLs) W/ Leupold Mk-4 CQ/T riflescope
- Glock 17 slide and barrel mounted on MagPul FPG "Folding Pocket Gun" folder selfloading subcarbine for personal-close protection, equipped with carry handle and Insight Tech-Gear M6X tactical gun laser/light so to be usable as a searchlight just in case; one 17-rds magazine inserted
- 500 rds .38-Special (Fiocchi JHP)
- 3000 rds 7'62mm (Fiocchi "Shooting Dynamics" frangibles)
- 3000 rds 5'56mm (Fiocchi SPJRN 24 grs)
- 3000 rds 6'8x43mm-SPC (Remington Ammunition 115 grs)
- 3000 rds 9 m/m (Fiocchi "Black Mamba")
- SureFire "Kroma" LED flashlight
- AN/PVS-14 night-vision monocular W/ head mount, helmet mount and tactical rail mount for long arms (to be mated to optics on the Kel-Tec RFB or Remington ACR)
- Full firearms maintenance tool kit
- OPS-Core "FAST" helmet w/h face shield; side rails with SureFire HL-1 tactical helmet light (left side) and Midland XTC-9 helmet camera (right side)
- Crye Precision "CAGE Chassis" body armour w/h additional ballistic belt and CERAFLEX PL-7300 NIJ Lev.IV armor plates (made in Sweden)
- 10x Arms-Tech LLC SEFF-1 demolition charges/directional landmines
- 10x Arms-Tech LLC MM-1/MM-1L "MiniMore" directional ammunition/landmines
- 1 armored antishock box (x500 pcs) of TECNOVAR VAR-100 minimum-metal palm-sized antipersonnel landmines (made in Italy - useful to prepare "Zombie killzones")
- 1 armored antishock box (x100 pcs) of RUAG "Pearl" palm-sized frag grenades (made in Switzerland - 49mm diameter w/h 1414 metal fragments)
- Bushnell Night Vision 2.542 scope
- Insight Tech-Gear ATPIAL tactical laser target designator
- Box with 20 18-rds magazines for CARACAL C pistol (empty), 20 30-rds STANAG magazines (empty) and 20 20-rds FN FAL metric magazines (empty), 20 Glock 18 33-rds magazines, 10 Glock 17 17-rds magazines (all empty)
- Itronix GoBook MR-1 military/ruggedized netbook, battery-operated, with car power outlet charge plug
- Thuraya satellite phone (Iridium/INMARSAT) W/ bluetooth interface for laptop
- Water test kit W/ 500 Water purification tablets
- Avon Rubber M50-JSCBM Joint Service General Purpose Mask W/ 30 spare filters and 1 Avon "Viking ST" SCBA (breahing apparatus)
- HAZMAT suit
- Four spare pairs of CRISPI "Swat" boots
- MREs and Italian Army "Combat rations" for 40 days
- Crye Precision DG-2 camo vest
- Elbit Systems of America - TallaTech division RPDA-57 ruggedized MIL-SPEC Personal Data Assistant/GPS receiver, Mil-Spec (used only as GPS)
- 50 litres of water and 50 litres of fuel in two separate metal airtight tanks
- Rechargeable batteries (Lots of them!): button cells, PP3, AA, AAA, C, D, 3R12, spare batteriers for all electronic equipments and one for the vehicle itself, plus all battery recharging equipments (including battery recharger for car).
- Sleeping bag and 2-places camping tent
- 1 Belt pouch first aid kit (light), 2 Koi co. First Aid Kit (full)
- GammaScout portable particle/ionizing radiation detector (Geiger counter)
- McWhortle Enterprises, Inc. "Bio-Hazard Alert Detector" portable pathogens detector
- Z-Medica Corp. "QuikClot ACS+" (1 box x 25 packages)
- Z-Medica Corp. "QuikClot Interventional Hemostatic Bandage" (1 box x 25 packages)
- Z-Medica Corp. "QuikClot Emergency Dressing" (1 box x 25 packages)
- Z-Medica Corp. "QuikClot Combat Gauze" (1 box x 25 packages)
- Z-Medica Corp. "QuikClot First Response Package" (1 box x 25 packages)
- Camping stove/cookset and liquid fuel reserve

With this load, the (yet very capient) Opel Campo still has one spare place (the front passenger's seat), but can't speed faster than 80 Kilometres per Hour.

Special Skill/Ability: CQB

General skills:
-Driving/Mechanic (not highly specialized on this last one)
-Use of electronic equipments
-Emergency response preparedness
"It is criminal to teach a man not to defend himself, when he is the constant victim of brutal attacks. It is legal and lawful to own a shotgun or a rifle. We believe in obeying the law." -- Malcolm X

"We (atheists) act in good conscience because we believe in moral principles, not because we expect a reward in Heaven." -- Margherita Hack

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