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Default Re: So.... has anyone's 'zombie kit' changed over the past few years?

The suitcase is a Blackhawk ALERT 5. Nice and big and spacious, and as ridiculously 'tactical' as any suitcase can be. The suitcase contains (and note, the magazines and ammo described aren't actually in the suitcase, but in some labeled ammo cans that are also in the back of the Escalade):

Typical set of toiletries and shaving supplies, including a Higonokami styled knife taking place of a straight razor.

5 sets of under-armour underwear and 5.11 knee-high socks
Two sets of original Blackhawk I.T.S. (shirt and pants), one in Black, the other in Khaki.
One set of Blackhawk I.T.S. HPFU in Desert Digital camouflage
One set of Crye Precision Combat Apparel in Multicam w/ knee and elbow pads
One set of (relatively old school) Propper commercial woodland MARPAT
Two 5.11 Covert Cargo pants (one in 'smog' color, the other in 'tundra' color), each with 4 USP magazines and 4 Maglevel P-Mag magazines.
Two black 5.11 holster shirts
Two black 5.11 covert casual shirts

All clothing except for the holster shirts and underwear was washed in a nano-ceramic solution, then tumbled dry in an ordinary clothes dryer to impregnate the nano-ceramics into the fabric fibers. The nano-ceramic gives all of it fire-resistant, water-resistant, anti-microbial, anti-static, and IR-blocking properties (so the wearer doesn't show up on thermal imagers). And... just like all the other prototype gear I've got, yes, this stuff is really in development.

Protec A-Alpha half-shell parachute helmet w/ NVG mount and side rails.
Streamlight Stinger flashlight mounted to the left side rail, fitted with flip-out infrared filter.

Set of Hatch X-Tac elbow and knee pads.

Extra pair of 'mine resistant' boots.

Spare lamps and an LED head for the Streamlight Stinger, and a piggyback charger with AC and car charge cords.

Two 2TB hard drives and a Thermaltake BlacX Duet 'toaster' deck for them.

Also contains a black MOLLE gear setup.

Blackhawk STRIKE Omega Elite vest.
Blackhawk enhanced duty web belt in the vest belt loops.
2 Blackhawk STRIKE panels attached to the web belt.
2 Blackhawk STRIKE drop leg platforms attached to the web belt also.

Attached to the right side drop leg platform:

Blackwater Gear universal MOLLE holster, holding a Glock 17L with CCF race frame, and attached pistol LAM w/ visible green and IR lasers. Loaded with 147gr GDHP +P rounds.
Mercworx double pistol mag belt pouch attached to drop leg strap, holding 2 17rd Glock 17 magazines.

Attached to the left side drop leg platform:

3x Tactical Tailor 2-mag 5.56 Pouches holding a total of 6 Maglevel P-Mags, 3 loaded with SS109, 3 with Hornady V-Max. Shell loops hold 6 Black Magic Magnum slugs.
Mercworx double pistol mag belt pouch attached to drop leg strap, holding 2 17rd Glock 17 magazines.

Attached to the right side STRIKE belt panel:

5.11 VTAC Gas Mask pouch containing an MSA Millenium gas mask. 3 Utility pouches attached to PALS webbing on the gas mask pouch to hold 3 extra filters.
Tactical Tailor multitool pouch holding a black finished Victorinox Swisstool.

Attached to the left side STRIKE belt panel:

Diamondback Tactical MOLLE flashlight pouch holding a Fenix TA21 flashlight
Tactical Tailor small utility pouch containing a NARP Individual Patrol Officer first aid kit.
MOLLE-Lok kydex sheath with Extrema Ratio Col Moschin knife

Attached to the back of the vest:

Blackhawk MOLLE hydration pouch
Voodoo MOLLE shotgun scabbard holding an NEF Pump Pardner Protector, w/ Knoxx Copstock folder.
SOG Sogfari machete, sheath tied through the PALS webbing on the hydration pouch with paracord.

Attached to the right side of the vest:

5.11 10x6 Pouch containing a set of Gen-4 AN/PVS-21 passive night vision goggles
BDS Tactical Gear 6x6x3 small utility pouch holding a pair of prototype HUD rangefinding binoculars (think the 'scope' from Metal Gear Solid)
2x Tactical Tailor vertical 6 round shotshell holders attached to the front of the 5.11 10x6 pouch, one holding 6 signal flare shells (2 red, 2 white, 2 green), and the other holding 6 buck&ball shells
3x 5.11 single pistol mag pouches holding 17rd Glock 17 magazines, attached to the front of the 5.11 10x6 pouch.

Attached to the left side of the vest:

3x Tactical Tailor AK/M16 Mag Pouches holding a total of 9 Maglevel P-Mags. 6 mags loaded with SS109, 3 with Hornady V-Max
5.11 Cell Phone pouch for the Smartphone
SOE Gear Battery pull-out pouch with 6 CR123A and 6 AA batteries.

There's a BDS tactical single shoulder sling attached to the right shoulder, that uses the same snap-buckle attachment as the single point slings on the XCR and Mossberg 500. There's also a Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel, attached directly to the web belt at the back.

The Escalade also has an extra 5-gallon fuel container in the back, and the seatbelts are all equipped with CRKT Exitools.

There's also a pair of Converse C8851 soft toe contractor boots on the floor in between the rear two seats to make going through an airport more convenient.

Still more to come

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