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Default Re: Still thiking that the Obama presidency will be a nuisance for gun rights?

Originally Posted by Kthulhu
Yeah, it's only now that people are claiming the president is working to destroy the government and country, coincidentally enough because he's a black Democrat.

Shit, I don't even think he and the Democrats are doing that great of a job (not that I really expected them to), but to place all of our woes on his back is disingenuous - if he's at all adding to the pathetic shitpile that this nation is crumbling down to, it's certainly not his administration that started building the damn thing in the first place. Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, and Bush II all shoveled it nicely.

Let's see: Decades of outrageous and useless military spending, pointless and expensive wars (all paid for with deficits), NAFTA, unrealistic tax cuts for the rich who don't need them while transferring the burden to the middle and lower classes, the encouragement of layoffs in and the gutting of the American industrial economy for the sake of short term profits, not maintaining our infrastructure, bowing down to corporate interests whose plans are not aligned with those of regular citizens, and introducing a police state mentality to our law enforcement services. Oh, and running our financial system on fairy tale notions and pixie dust promises instead of solid regulation and conservative fiscal practices.

God damn, the sad part is, there's probably even more fucked up crap that has happened and is happening in this nation.

We've thrown the country to the wolves, kicked the lower classes to the curb, and replaced realistic political discourse and policy with conspiracy theories, brainless cheerleading, and insidious and manipulative fearmongering. "OH BUT THE LIBERALS DO IT TOO SO IT'S OK!". It's not, when they do, and it doesn't justify a right response (especially when that response is just more fearmongering). And the bigger issue is, who the hell is in charge of the media that pumps out worthless garbage every hour of the day? Right wing or corporatist business interests - but oh no, don't make the mistake of thinking that they're on your side because you lean right. They'd more than likely hire someone to spit and piss on you for their amusement, than they would shake your hand and call you a brother in political arms.

Same for any shithole elected official you might cheerlead for - he doesn't care about you or your family or your city, state, OR country. He just wants your vote (and maybe he doesn't even need that, if electronic voting machines aren't accountable for the results), so that he can be elected and either try to implement shitty social engineering legislation, or get a hookup to the corporate money machine, or god forbid, do both.

And both will gladly distract you with petty issues of immigration, and welfare (god forbig poor people get a shithole to live in and peanut butter and crackers to eat), and national healthcare (which you can't fuck up in this country any more than it already is, and which shouldn't be such a flim-flam problem), threats and promises of war, and pointless issues like gay marriage. Because keeping us all angry and at each other's throats keeps up from going after theirs, the self-serving, self-righteous political fuckheads who really deserve to be strung up, burned alive, cut into bits, and then force-fed to their cronies for being the corrupt avatars of worthless cynicism, graft, and jellyfish ineffectualness that they are.

You think Obama and the Democrats are going to fuck this nation? You really think so? Pull the political dick out of your mouth man, open your eyes, and look the hell around. This country has already gone to shit. S-H-I-T. Shit, pure and utter. The rose colored glasses and soothing whispers of political horseplay aren't going to disguise this mess for much longer.
After all that as you say, you might as well just blow your brains out.
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