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Arrow Not to mention...

In the event of a conflict started by an overt Northern provocation, and maybe even an invasion of the South, the PRC would well watch itself from intervening. They would even probably deny any kind of military or logistic help to DPRK. And withouth Chinese backing, the DPRK military wouldn't resist much. The North Korean nuclear power could be neutralized on the ground by conventional airstrikes (JDAMs...).

But yet again, it would be an economic and political disaster for all parts involved.

China would have to carry the burden of most of northern refugees. So would South Korea. The korean peninsula might be re-unified under Seoul, but then South Korea (and the international community, US first) would have to pay the big $$$ for reconstruction, not to mention that ROK would have to carry the economic burden of the "integration" of the North (how much has West Germany spent to "unify" with East Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall?).

Not to mention that South Korea, US and China would probably have to send peacekeepers... which would suffer enormous losses. Yes, because over 60 years of international isolation have helped the DPRK military establishment to turn the northern Korea into a gigantic boobytrap. The mountains have been turned into underground (and probably hi-tech) fortresses where to wage guerrilla from. Most of the Country is mined and boobytrapped. They are even thought to have set automated air-defense systems with SAM missile batteries ready to self-activate when all contacts from control centers are lost, bringing down any aircraft at radar range, including commercial ones. Any perspective of re-unification of the Korean peninsula in any other way than with diplomacy and peace talks would be an international nightmare. And we already have Afghanistan and Iraq, with the spectres of Iran and Sudan booing at us from the shadows of the near future. We don't need DPRK.
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