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Default Hostage crisis negotiations: US way Vs. Chinese way.

A man barricades himself in a house with a boy held hostage.

"I have three demands to be met, or I'll kill the hostage!"

In the US:
Police shuts the street down for 48 hours.
Takes 12 hours to talk him out of it.
Spend 1 million US$ to give him a "fair trial", including the costs of retrial when the first is declared null due to a hung jury 'cause of "media influences"
Pay his food and lodging for 6 months.
Then, finally, let him free to go and when even the second trial is concluded as a mistrial due to "media influence". The hostage-taker becomes a celebrity and sells his story to Hallmark to make a TV movie. Writes a book and makes millions. Becomes a frequent TV host and a well-known "motivator".

In China:

"I have 3 demands, or I'll kill the boy!"

Negotiators assess the situation from next door

Head Negotiator in position

Negotiation begins

Negotiations concluded

Overall negotiation time: 3 minutes (approx.)
Cost of the bullet: 20 $Cents (approx.)

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