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Default Re: So Where the Hell do I Start?

most people start of with a 2 meter rig witch runs $170 to 200 bucks. I pefer the yeasu VX-170 its built to mil spec and can be modifed to do all kindsa crap its not suppost to do. The license is a good start but the way things are going you might not need one much longer. Many places on the net you can take the test and just keep taking it till you get it right you'll memorize it in no time. The advantage in the 2 meter rigs is they have repeaters everywere witch give you a huge range off a simple handheld. Attach a decent base antenna witch can be bought cheap or made buy hand will allow you to hit repeaters much further out you can run a mobie antenna and do the same out of your vehicale. shoot me a PM if you have any other questions.I'll make a effort to get back here more often if I can out from under the dirty Daipers
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