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Thumbs up Precisely, my friend!

That's exactly what I mean. I am pretty sure they can take care of any "threat" to themselves and/or their families...

And even in case the b*stards would try (and mind, "try", not SUCCEED) to get revenge upon one of them in one way or another, well... I am not sure they wouldn't have to be afraid of the SEALs reaction. They would go personal on their asses.
It already happened, here in Italy, a few years ago: a group of COMSUBIN (our Navy raiders) killed a group of criminals affiliated to the Camorra when two sailors detached at their same base were killed for "staring too muchg at a couple of their girls".
And when I said "killed", I mean that they went on them in ways that you would not want to know exactly.
Obviously the case remains "unsolved" to date.

If that's what a couple of excellently-trained Italians can do, take down an entire Camorra "fire group" single-handedly in one night and get back to base for breakfast, I would really not want to know what US Navy SEALs could do if pushed to the edge.
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