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Originally Posted by JCoyote
Not everyone seems to agree with your account of the requested gap Uzi. I wonder if the company involved in the account backs up the claim?

Call them and ask .

To add another layer of fuzziness to how the F-117 got its name, one of the first test pilots for the Have Blue and later Senior Trend said that early in the program it was actually called the "F-17", inspite of the fact the YF-17 was built a few years before that.

One must keep in mind that these secret programs blur the line between 'official' and 'unofficial'. The Skunk Works doesn't help clearing things up any, and they like it that way.

A black project aircraft early in development and production could be called almost anything, on an unofficial basis. Over time these 'officially unofficial' names, nicknames and codenames used by developers, makers, pilots and commanders result in layer upon layer of confusing paradoxes and contradictions.

All of this actually helps with project security.

Similar games were played on the A-12/YF-12/R-12/RS-71/M-21/SR-71... Among other names for the Archangel/Oxcart/Blackbird.

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