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Default Re: Am I the only one alarmed by this ?

I certainly won't go along with it, nor will any of my brothers or sisters. What, do they think? we will willingly round up our fucking neighbors, disarm them, and lead them to the slaughter? Think again you fucking criminals, think again. They have committed an act of treason against the people of this country. I took an oath the the PEOPLE of this republic. To the PEOPLE !! And I will not turn my weapons on my comrades. Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves, and your families. If I die today, know that it was an honor knowing all of you, and serving the cause of freedom. God bless America, and God bless all of you. Dark days lie ahead, but if God be with us, who shall be against us?

Shepherd out......................

Originally Posted by Dolphin_Shooter
We'll fear not they don't have any means to enforce this even if they wanted to.They were also pressing a law that allowed detention of any US citizen by the US military same thing applys. Even if all the troops were home from overseas .They were spread to thin in Iraq and afganistan so they will dam sure be spread to thin all across America.They don't have the numbers.And I figure half of our military won't go along with the shit they are planning anyway.
You who inherit the heavy privilege to serve in freedom's name, must brace for the battle surely to come.

-- Charlton Heston, 1923-2008
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