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Originally Posted by PT-The Italian Commie
Italy-USA : 1-1. I have seen the entire match, and have to admit that those American players made us sweat a bit (the goal for the USA was actually an auto-goal). The major problem with your national soccer team is that they put it too much on the physical plan and neglect the tecnical and tactical plan; soccer is not like football or rugby, if you tackle an opponent in THAT way, you get expelled from the playground.
Otherwise, nice game. No, really it was. I take my hat off to your national soccer team players (they're still in the last position in the roster, while Italy is 1st anyway...).
Well we had to make it a little easier on the Italians by letting them play the 2nd half with 10 men while we had only 9. I think that's the only reason they even came back out on the field for the 2nd half.
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