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Thumbs down The USA have NOT ended well...

...their performance at the FIFA World Cup - Germany 2006.

With one only point (tied 1-1 with Italy, otherwise lost 2-1 with Ghana and 3-0 with Czech Republic), they have been eliminated.
So as eliminated has been Czech Republic, with only 3 points (won 3-0 with USA, lost 2-0 with both Italy and Ghana).
Italy, for winning 2-0 with both Czech Republic and Ghana, and drawing tie with USA, passes as first in the roster with 7 points, and will meet Australia at the quarter finals next Monday (June 26th), Kick-off at 16:00 BST (5 p.m. continental Europe time).
Also passes Ghana, with 6 points (winning against USA and Czech Republic, but loosing with Italy); they will be facing Brazil at the quarter finals next Tuesday (June 17th), Kick-off at 16:00 BST (5 p.m. continental Europe time).
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