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Red face let's go by steps

I'll think later on what to do if Italy ever wins.
It's not in my plans.
I'm cheering for France because Brazil was defeated by them (so they have my respect) and because Italy's soccer system should have a shake.
Anyway, we made our choices and sunday will tell who got it right.
That's the best part of sports, not knowing the result before the match (but italians prefer to ensure a result even before the match starts - Mr. Moggi and Co. were free to set the show).
I've already made a macumba for the match (is an afro ritual sometimes effective from psicological point of view).
But let's only cheer.

P.S. - to fullfil your couriosity, I'll probably kick the door if Italy ever wins. This is the maximum I can do with my spine problems.
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