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Originally Posted by CeeTee
Mr. Moggi and Co. were free to set the show

Never mind about them. The motherfuckers have got their problems already. The team (Juventus) whose Moggi was CEO will be thrashed out of A-series, and so at least three others. Moggi will spend A LOT of money to pay for his mess, and will spend some time in vacation, paid by the State.

Originally Posted by CeeTee
I've already made a macumba for the match (is an afro ritual sometimes effective from psicological point of view)

I know what a Macumba is, damn Brazilian. DON'T BET that it will work. Here we have a completely different state of mind. Think instead that your National team as been eliminated from the World Cup because it was the shadow of itself. You are out, and you deserved it. It's nowhere written that Brazil automatically has the right to win the World Cup because it's Brazil, just like Italy shown that Germany had not the God-given right to qualify for the Final just because they were the host nation.

And besides, ADRIANO plays in the team that I support in Italy (INTER), so let's put him back on his feet and ready to go for the next season: without Juventus and Milan and their dirty little tricks, Inter is likely to win the national title...

Originally Posted by CeeTee
P.S. - to fullfil your couriosity, I'll probably kick the door if Italy ever wins. This is the maximum I can do with my spine problems.

Get ready to buy a new door, 'cause we'll do everything we can to make you kick it HARD.
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