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Wink And here is another rant...

...written after the Soccer World Championship, to give the Frenchmen a taste of their own Chauvinism.

School homework: report about FRANCE

France confines north with the Northern Sea and Belgium, West with the Atlantic Ocean, South with the Mediterranean Sea, Andorra and Spain, Easw with Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and the WORLD CHAMPIONS.

For just a few kilometers, he doesn't has on its territory the highest mountain of Europe, the MONTE BIANCO ("Mont Blanche"), which is in ITALY

France has had one of the best military leaders of History, Napoleone Bonaparte... who was of ITALIAN origins. For the rest, it has at least nuked a handful of shithole Polinesian islands.

-Economy and others-
France is famous for:

-Monna Lisa... which is ITALIAN.
-Monica Bellucci... who's ITALIAN.

Furthermore, France is famous for its cheese, which comes only past the Italian ones; for its wine, whose quantity and quality is second only to the Italian ones; and for the fashion industry, that's second only to the Italian one.

Basket: 3rd place at the last European Championship after 52 years from the last time it went between the first 3.

Volley: a couple mid-sized ones.

Cycling: not a single decent bycicle runner since JALABERT.

Tennis: the only serious French tennis player is a woman.

They are indeed very proud of their national Soccer team, that's composed by:

- Zinedine Zidane... who's ALGERINE.

- Lillian Thuram... who's from GUADALUPE.

- David Trezeguet... who's from ARGENTINA.

- Jean-Alain Boumsong... who's from CAMEROON.

- Patrick Vieira... who's from SENEGAL.

- Claude Makelele... who's from CONGO.

- Florent Malouda... who's from GUYANA.

They eat frogs, but lately they've gone a little bit further, swallowing a lot of .......
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