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Originally Posted by Roger
Thanks I appreciate your racism...


No, seriously now.

I didn't wanted to offend. Better explain myself further.

What you read up there is the translation in English of two well-written rants published on an Italian Humour website, to celebrate the victory at the Germany 2006 Soccer World Cup, which was against ALL odds, 'cause many members of the Italian press and Italian National Soccer League themselves didn't thought it possible. What you find there is not "racism". Possibly, Italy is one of the LESS racist Countries in the world, and I have personally nothing against the French, the Germans, the Arabs, the Israelis or the Americans.
But we feel pissed off when we are insulted.
What you read there is an after-victory reply to many articles that appeared on several French and German sports magazines and newspapers, some of them even of high European and World profile like the French "L'Equipe" and the German "Kicker"; those texts, several times published on the front page wth an high profile, were extremely insulting and referred openly to the Italians as the "Rats", the "Italian parasites", and the "Mafia mobbers".

In my humble opinion, the texts I have translated above are highly POLITE and GOLIARDIC, and could be VERY VERY much more offensive if the authors would have wanted to do anything else than a mild LEG-PULLING on the Germans and the French (just an experiment: come down here in Summer and take a look around in the streets of Rome, Naples, Milan or Florence: you will recognize IMMEDIATELY the German tourists, from how they dress up and behave, and ESPECIALLY from the fact that they wear WINTER SOCKS under SUMMER SANDALS!). Roger's reaction is like Zidane's head hit to Materazzi. What happened is that Materazzi was pulling Zidane's shirt during a very tight tackle, when the action ended Zidane said to Materazzi "If you like my shirt, I'll give it to you after the Match", and Materazzi sardonically replied "No thanks, I'd better take your sister's".
It's clearly an out-of-proportion reaction (speaking of... ). It's just a little bit picking the mickey. Being called "Rats", "Parasites" or "Mafia mobbers" on high-profile Mass-Medias is much worse.
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