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Originally Posted by PT-The Italian Commie
... Roger's reaction is like Zidane's head hit to Materazzi. What happened is that Materazzi was pulling Zidane's shirt during a very tight tackle, when the action ended Zidane said to Materazzi "If you like my shirt, I'll give it to you after the Match", and Materazzi sardonically replied "No thanks, I'd better take your sister's".
It's clearly an out-of-proportion reaction (speaking of... ). It's just a little bit picking the mickey. Being called "Rats", "Parasites" or "Mafia mobbers" on high-profile Mass-Medias is much worse.
Now young people find it natural to be insulted and of saying insults on the family: not me.
I think that I'm a good man but when a guy says to me "motherfucker" I become violent, old mentality may be...
If Materazzi (this good boy) did not do anything of evil why he was condemned for to cast a slur to honour ?
Zidane: 3 matchs suspended and a fine of 4800 Euros / Materazzi: 2 matchs suspended and a fine of 3600 Euros.
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