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Originally Posted by Roger
If Materazzi (this good boy) did not do anything of evil why he was condemned for to cast a slur to honour?

I don't understand it either. Probably it's something about the PERCEIVED offence... BAAH, who gives a flying dick anyhow. Materazzi held too tight Zidane's shirt during a tackle, and this started the quarrel. Both could have avoided it. A bad episode to ruin a Cup final.

Originally Posted by CeeTee
Italian males live with their parents until the parents die. If they get married and, eventually divorced, they get back to mummy's home and they must have always a woman to do and to fix all in the house (it doesn't matter if is a mother or a wife).

LOL, true... well, not EXACTLY for the majority of the people, but

Originally Posted by CeeTee
And the "boys" that join the army are allowed to march with tennis shoes and carry a private mobile phone.

False the thing of the tennis shoes. As far as the rest, nobody can forbid them to have a private mobile phone. Italy is not North Korea.

Originally Posted by CeeTee
Wimpy is nothing compared to an average Italian.

This starts to be offensive...

Originally Posted by CeeTee
And don't tease me, if not I'll carry on with all wimpy shit about the Italian "macho".

Send down some Brazilian gals to check (mind, GIRLS. The REAL stuff, not transex).

Originally Posted by CeeTee
This is not racism. Is reality. [...] p.s. - now P.T. will say that he is not an average Italian

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