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Originally Posted by CeeTee
I couldn't find the price list anywhere.
Just to have an idea. Surely I will not get one (not in the next future).


While I don't know for sure, it will likely be a few million... Not less than one. [United States Dollars, that is].

I think one of the main things Spartan military industry should focus on is cost effective weapons systems... Half this crap shouldn't cost 1/10th the going prices. It's simply a result of most military industry not tapping into commercial off-the-shelf industry to make their products... Unwillingness to integrate commercial and military industry [eg: Tanks made in the same plant as cars, which would reduce overhead costs by a huge factor]. With bureaucracy being and additional cause.

If a Main Battle Tank was made by Toyota, it would cost a 25th what an Abrams does, get better gas milage, never break down, have leather seats and a AM/FM/XM/CD player to boot.
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