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Default Account registration/management.

We all have been facing some increasing and harrassing amount of SPAM coming up on the board. Even if it's something very rare in the boards that require registration (you should see the situation of the "open" board usually frequented by my brother!), we can't deny that it's pretty a pain in the ass. SPAMBOTS have the "artificial intelligence" to subscribe to such boards (like this one) and post spam. There's a way, I think, to avoid it.

When a new member signs up, his account shall NOT be immediately activated. There should be a "waiting period" (hey, this board is changing for the worse... "registration" first, "waiting period" now... ). The webmaster, or whoever for him, should check the datas that have been sent in with the registration form. Generally spambots make up false names and addresses in very fancy ways, randomly-generated series of keys that might cheat an automatic management system but not a human operator; furthermore, the spambots usually sign up using fake or forged E-Mail addresses which would not pass a human control: if it's a fake address that's been inserted, if the operator sends an E-Mail to "confirm registration", it should go back undelivered. If the spammer instead uses a real E-Mail address from a real computer that's been infected by a Trojan Horse and "Zombified" (as "Serial Spammers" usually do to pass through the "Black Lists" of many servers etc.), the user will receive it and will not confirm, furthermore discovering that his PC is infected and taking actions to clean it up, another point for the good guys. Spammers DON'T do their "job" using THEIR computers and THEIR E-Mail address, otherwise that'd be too easy to trace them back (unless they activate free and "fire-and-forget" E-Mail addresses using services like Hotmail, MSN or GMail, again subscribing with false datas which are very easy to find out for a human controller).
If the wannabe-newbie gets a waiting period for his request, and in the meanwhile an operator follows the procedure above, we should be able to eliminate about 99,9% of the (still little) spam that reaches the board.
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