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Originally Posted by Mk23
In combat, the Merkava is the best tank in the world, bar none. It even has the capability to engage helicopters with its main gun for chrissakes.

But it's not a vehicle designed for deployability, or range. It's designed for the sole purpose of fighting in the territories around Israel.

It's too heavy, too slow, and doesn't get enough range out of a full tank of gas to be much use in lots of scenarios.

But for the purposes of the IDF, it's absolutely perfect.

Incorrect on the weight, speed and range differences.

The Merkava Mk4 has a combat weight of 65 tons.

The M1A2 Abrams has a combat weight of 68.4 tons, and the M1A2 SEP is 69.5 tons.

The M1A2 has a top road speed of 67km/h, the Merkava Mk4 has a top road speed of 64km/h.

The M1A2 has a maximum cross-country speed of 48km/h, the Merkava Mk4 has a maximum cross country speed of 54km/h.

The M1A2 SEP is even slower.

The Merkava Mk4 has a unrefueled range of 500kms, the M1A2 has an unrefueled range of 391kms.
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