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Para Ordnance Model 85

The Para-Ordnance story begins in the mid-1980s when Attile (Ted) Szabo - a highly gifted and ingenouis firearms designer - developed a paintball submachine gun. Unlike most paintball guns that use compressed air or carbon dioxide, the Model 85 used a different system: The paintballs were loaded into reloadable platic cartridge cases. A large pistol primer was loaded backwards into the case so that it powered both a plunger to therear to cycle the slide of the submachinegun and drove forward a “shot wad” thatpropelled the paintball out of the gun.The Model 85 was made of polymer andrather resembled an Ingram/MAC 10SMG. I shot one at a recent visit to Para-Ordnance’s new plant, and it was enor-mous fun. Unfortunately, production of the Model 85 is in abeyance.

More infos and pictures HERE
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