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Default The Autocopter

The Autocopter made by Neural Robotics Incorporated (NRI)

The AutoCopter is a self-stabilized unmanned mini-helicopter that can be used as an aerial platform in the sky. Applications include aerial photography, surveillance, pipeline and utility line inspection, convoy escort, and mine detection. For those wanting to perform aerial photography the helicopter will maintain stability and position at any altitude up to its design limit of 7000 MSL. Payload capacity 15-20 pounds, depending on configuration.
The company's patented neural network-based flight control algorithms provide "intelligence" to the system. The operator, without any helicopter piloting experience, can maneuver the helicopter (via the joysticks on the transmitter) forward, backward, sideways, and vertically. Basic avionics consist of a PC/104 computer, attitude & heading reference system, GPS receiver (WAAS compatible), and heading-hold gyro. An optional Ground Control Station (GCS) permits remote mission planning and real time telemetry.

Aerial Photography - aerial survey and inspection of real estate properties, landmarks, etc...
Law Enforcement - aerial surveillance, support of SWAT activities
Search and Rescue - grid search over land and water for survivors
Agriculture - aerial survey of farmlands with infrared cameras to analyze crop data
Military Operations ? Convoy escort, mine detection, urban combat
Homeland Defense ? port and border patrol
Delivery in Remote Areas - delivery of goods to remote locations
Television - traffic monitoring, news event coverage
Utility Companies - aerial platform for power line inspection
Movie Companies - location development, aerial shots, stunt imager

AutoCopter Gunship - Weaponized with AA12 Assault Rifle:
AutoCopter Gunship - an AutoCopter was configured with an AA12 assault rifle, made by Military Police Systems, Inc. (CEO - Jerry Baber), and was tested on the ground, in the air with an RC pilot, and in the air with the autopilot. Testing is expected to continue over the next few months.
The AA12 assault rifle is an automatic 12 gauge weapon that can fire a clip with 8 rounds or a circular clip with 20 rounds at approximately 6 rounds per second.
Although the current AutoCopter is a "Commodity Control List" (CCL) UAV, and has only been sold in this form to
date, NRI does have the capability of modifying it to fit the payload needs of our customers. The following video shows the NRI AutoCopter modified and weaponized with a fully-automatic shotgun. Be advised however that if the AutoCopter is modified in any way to fit a payload that is listed on the U.S. Munitions List (USML) then the
entire commodity is subject to the licensing jurisdiction of the Department of State in accordance with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (22 CFR 120 through 130).

More infos here:

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