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Default Idea for a small contest...

In another [spam] thread recently, I made a comment about the modern spam we get not being nearly as much fun as what we got on the old board [that classic "KIDNEY FOR SALE!" stuff].

This reminded me of something... Who here remembers the user 'Sons of Liberty Militia' on the old board?

Now call me crazy, but I miss that nutcase. He was always fun to read and make fun of. You had no idea what he was going to come up with next. One minute he was talking about how AIDS is a weapon built by the military industrial complex, the next minute he was talking about Floride being a communist plot to control America, and then he'd move on to the gray aliens who are about to invade Earth through the oilfields in Iraq... I mean it was like watching a traveling freakshow.

So this has got me thinking... Who don't we have a Sons of Liberty Impersonation Contest?

Everyone who wants will be able to enter one [1] insane, wacked out post full of conspiracy theories and such. On a certain date, we'll post a poll and see which one wins the title of Most Insane/Most Accurate Sons of Liberty Impersonation [same title].

Sound good?
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