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I have uploaded the video of the AutoCopter in action (test) and you can download this video here (27,4 Mo):

The Autocopter endurance is 50 minutes, the engine is a gazoline twin cylinder 80cc. But you are right, it's a prototype.

For shotgun ammunition there are the 3-inch FRAG-12 grenade rounds (since the AA-12 is currently being modified to function with this round) at 300 RPM (rounds-per minute). If the enemy is inside a car or light-armored vehicle, the operator can fire on that vehicle with 20 armor-piercing (AP) FRAG-12 rounds (capable of penetrating up to 1/2 of rolled homogenous steel), or a combination of AP and HE (High-Explosive) rounds--and, he can engage the enemy out to 200-300 yards (according to our understanding), especially while firing from an elevated position (unconfirmed/unverified). The high-explosive (HE) FRAG-12 round will punch through a standard vehicle's skin, and explode inside the vehicle, releasing 90 ball projectiles at very high velocity in all directions, shredding the occupants. The FRAG-12 round can also be used to engage targets inside buildings.
There are three members of the FRAG-12 munition family: the FRAG-12 High Explosive (HE), FRAG-12 High Explosive Fragmenting Antipersonnel (HEFA, or HE-FA), and FRAG-12 High Explosive Armor-Piercing (HEAP, or HE-AP).

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