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Default FRAG-12 ammunitions.

Nothing that wasn't already to my knowledge... as a concept, it is similar to the 40x46mm-SR HELLHOUND/HUNTIR/DRAGO super-high-explosive developed by MEI - Martin Electronics Inc. for the Milkor MGL-140 (a.k.a. the M32-MGL in the USMC designation as it was officially adopted last January and its procurement is going on). It is a new spawn of hyper-lethal ammunitions that should give to an infantry squad enough firepower to sweep clean an area from hostiles. But this doesn't solves ONE praticular issue that I have pointed out. Although the FRAG-12 will be good in killing hostiles even when hiding behind a solid repair like a vehicle or a building, this will -NOT- stop a Kamikaze attack; just like the Italian soldiers can witness, shooting the driver dead is not enought to halt a tank truck full of explosive launched at high speed against a military compound; the vehicle has way too much inertia to stop. The drone must thus be weaponized with something that allows it to inflict fast and severe engine damages to stop immediately a runaway vehicle.
Any ideas of a good possible armament for the Autocopter, which -IS- a good concept and will turn handy once it will be developed in a definitive commercial version, are gladily accepted.
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