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Originally Posted by Roger
Why do you want absolutely stop a Kamikaze attack WITH the Autocopter ?

I do -NOT- want to "absolutely stop a Kamikaze attack with the Autocopter". It's an eventuality to take attention upon. If the Autocopter is to be made for military and public safety uses, then it has to be able to stop a Kamikaze attack if it's the case. The first rule in counter-terror is to leave nothing to chance (and even that, sometimes it isn't even enough), so if NRI is going to implement the Autocopter for heavy-duty uses, at least they have to make so that it isn't some half-assed 100-grands flying toy.

Not mentioning the fact that using an effective drone against Kamikaze attacks will help to save A LOT of lives, In Primis those of the soldiers who often die in the attempt to stop a Kamikaze, and maybe even fail in the attempt because their individual weaponry isn't powerful enough (again, rule #1 in stopping a Kamikaze attack: shooting dead the driver through the windshield will be NOT enough to stop the vehicle, especially if it is big and launched at high speed, because it will develop an enormous inertia energy; the key factor for effectively stopping such attacks is BOTH to shot the driver dead AND cause to the vehicle some severe tire or engine damage that stops it as fast as it's possible).
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